Scheduling a Naloxone Training Event

We schedule naloxone training sessions for 10 to over 300 people. Sessions range from 30minutes to an hour, depending on the number of attendees and the amount of discussion initiated at the session. If you would like to schedule an event, email us at or call (519)652-5558.

Naloxone Rapide has held training at various corporate offices, bars, restaurants, lounges, apartment buildings, art exhibits, churches, and community centres. We will also schedule training at special events, such as community meetings, music concerts, sporting events, or live theatre.

Purchasing Naloxone Rapide

Naloxone Rapide is available for purchase in larger quantities to governments, hospitals, medical centers, physician's offices, doctor's offices, police forces, fire departments, security forces, and other groups. Kits are sold in packs of 25 for $35 per kit plus shipping. 

Ontario Residents

Ontario residents over the age of sixteen are entitled to receive a free naloxone kit so long as they make themselves available to trained. Training can be provided on a one-on-one basis or as part of a group. Training sessions are practical and brief, and opportunities for questions are provided.
Call (519)652-5558 to arrange for training and a kit, or email

Reordering Naloxone Rapide

To reorder naloxone from a Naloxone Rapide kit, call (519)652-5558