Naloxone Rapide

Naloxone Rapide is a program designed to respond to the immediate need for naloxone kits in our Canadian communities to reduce the number of deaths resulting from opioid and opiate overdoses.

The number of overdose deaths is rapidly increasing in Canada due to the presence of extremely potent opioids and opiates in various street drugs. The presence of these extremely potent substances within recreational drugs is an attempt by drug suppliers to initiate a high rate of drug dependency among recreational drug users.

The high potency of the drugs, combined with their small molecular size, make them difficult to be distributed evenly within illicit drugs. The result is highly variable amounts of the substances within illegal drug products, where lethal amounts can be found within typical amounts taken by an individual at one time.

This uncertainty in the drug supply is leading to extreme dependency, and high rates of death, not only among people considered to be chronic drug users, but also among recreational "once-in-awhile" drug users, and even first-timers, and experimenters. 

Naloxone Rapide was created by Jason Newman.  Jason Newman has been a pharmacist for twenty-two years. He completed his pharmacy degree in 1995 from the University of Saskatchewan. With a strong interest in social science and medicine, Mr. Newman continued on to complete a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Economics, a Masters Degree in Economics, a law degree, a Master of Laws degree, and is currently completing a PhD in law that deals with the intersection of health with Canada's Section Seven Charter right, the right to life, liberty, and security of the person.